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ABC ensures quality care and provides free assist in finding the right care facility for your loved one.


Assisted Living Facilities

Is this the right choice for you?

 Assisted Living Facilities are wonderful care options for residents that are not safe living independently and need assistance with some of their independent activities of daily living.



What to expect?

Residential Care Facilities offer 24 hours supervision and assistance, health related services and social activities. Their goal is to provide dignity, privacy, independence, choice and safety. They encourage family and community to get involved and try to minimize the need of  relocation.



How to choose?

 Take your time to tour the facility with your senior advisor and talk with the administrator, residents and staff while you are in the facility. You can ask the residents if they like living in that facility, ask the staff about their experience and job responsibilities and how long have been working with this company. 



Welcome to ABC Adult Care Placement Agency LLC!

ABC provides assistance to families and individuals who are interested in finding a dedicated place that offeres cares for them or their loved one. We have facilities in all Portland Metro area. Our senior advisors are registered nurses and have understanding of common and complex care needs. We would evaluate each resident individually and discuss the care needs with the family and the potential facilities to ensure that they can provide the appropriate level of care. We will provide you with three or more oportunities to get the care needed and will follow along to ensure a smooth transition. The ultimate decision for the placement will be yours based on the cost of care and evaluation of the facilites. Our charge is zero for you but we will receive a commision from the facilities that are contracted with us. 

ABC Adult Care Placement Agency LLC offers a wide range of placement services relating to finding the right care facility in Portland Metro area. Learn more about our specialized approach, talented staff and the benefits of turning to us for specialized advice in adult and elderly care services. Browse through our website to find out how we can better assist you.



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